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Classic Collection - Mint Lingerie Swimdress
Mint Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Black Mesh Swimdress
Black Mesh Swimdress
$76.00   $53.20
Classic Collection - Amethyst Serenade Swimdress
Amethyst Serenade Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress
Classic Collection - Dahlia V-Neck Swimdress
Dahlia V-Neck Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Palazzo Swimdress
Palazzo Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Ivy V-Neck Swimdress
Ivy V-Neck Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Passport Swimdress
Passport Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Lavender Lingerie Swimdress
Lavender Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Black Loop Strap Swimdress
Black Loop Strap Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Classic Collection - Swim365 Navy Dot Swimdress
Swim365 Navy Dot Swimdress
$99.99   $69.99
Classic Collection - Floret Lingerie Swimdress
Floret Lingerie Swimdress
$76.00   $53.20
Classic Collection - Cerulean V-Neck Swimdress
Cerulean V-Neck Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40

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swimsuitsforall has one important goal that we keep in mind with everything we do: we aim to take the dread out of swimsuits. We are working every day to make it so that no woman has to stay hidden under a cover up when she'd rather be splashing in the water or soaking in the sun. Our mission is to change the way women shop for plus size swimwear for the better. We want you to love, not just accept or settle for, the swimsuits that you buy from us. That's why we have a collection of swimsuit designs in sizes 8 to 34 unlike anything you've seen before.

Swimdress swimsuits provide smart fit solutions for ladies who prefer more coverage from their bathing suits. Their skirts keep not only the thighs, but also the hips and rear, from sight. Unfortunately, many women are disappointed with the style of swimdresses in plus size swimwear collections, as they often look dated and mature. swimsuitsforall is defying that convention though, with the fabulous looks in our Classic Collection Swimdresses range.

With the Classic Collection Swimdresses line, gone are the days when wearing plus size swimdresses meant compromising one's fashion sense. Our carefully curated collection of swimdress swimsuits features only designs that are reflective of the latest trends. These plus size swimwear suits fit and look like your favorite flirty summer sundresses and provide varying amounts of coverage to suit every preference. Whether you like a suit with a dramatic deep neckline, one with a more modest high neck or something in between, you'll find a Classic Collection swimdress in a silhouette that is certain to please in this assortment.

With the huge number of styles in the Classic Collection Swimdresses range, the question isn't "Do we have plus size swimdresses that will work for you?" but "How will you decide which of the many swimdress swimsuits that flatter you to buy?" Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone as you shop for a new swimsuit! Our plus size swimwear experts are here to come to your aid by answering questions, recommending the best sizes and styles for your unique needs and advising you on how best to complete your swimdress ensemble with cover ups swimwear. To get in touch with one of our customer service representatives and get on your way to finding the perfect swimsuit for you, call us now at 1.888.241.SWIM.